Fast Drying Liquid Screed!    02/06/16

Easyflow ltd are proud to be one of the few approved installers of Tarmac's Topflow Screed C Belitex.

Topflow Screed C is a pump applied cement based liquid floor screed that can be laid quickly, trafficked after just 24-48 hours and dries...

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We are Moving!    28/01/16

As of February 2016 EasyFlow will be relocating it's Head Office and Site Team to Vanguard Trade Park in Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury is in the West Midlands, about 43 miles west of Birmingham, which makes in an excellent base for our Site Team...

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Cold Weather Working    06/02/15

Following this year's low temperatures, please be aware that screed plants are unable to batch liquid screeds unless the temperature is 2 degrees C and rising. However, we can accept the delivery if we believe that the temperature within the...

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Unsure Which Products to Use on Your Anhydrite Screed Floor?    26/11/14

We have put together a list of recommended compatible products that you may want to consider using to ensure compatibility between products at all stages of the flooring process.

If you are using a final floor finish which will be fixed...

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Preparing Your Liquid Screed Floor for the Final Floor Covering    02/10/14

Jennifer Jones

What is your final floor finish?

If it's tile or any other material that requires adhering to the screed's surface you will need your EasyFlow screed sanding before priming with an epoxy primer.

Sanding is...

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Booking Before Christmas    30/09/14

Due to the possibility of poor weather during November and December resulting in unsuitable conditions for installing liquid screed, it is likely that the window of opportunity to install the screed will be reduced. Because of this, and as Christmas...

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Drying Liquid Screed    12/08/14

Jennifer Jones

Following installation, EasyFlow liquid screeds should be provided with protection from rapid drying or draughts for the first 48 to 72 hours. Thereafter the environment should be kept warm and as well ventilated as possible...

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Why Consider EasyFlow for Your Underfloor Heating System?    16/07/14

Jennifer Jones

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best in underfloor heating (UFH) systems, together with customer care above and beyond expectations. Our experienced consultants are dedicated to investing their time in...

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What to Remember: Liquid Screed    03/07/14

Need a product which enhances the efficiency of your underfloor heating system? Don’t want to lay your fancy floor finish on an uneven floor? Then you need a liquid floor screed.

Here's why...

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Gyvlon Launches New Thermio+ Screed; EasyFlow to Supply Nationwide    09/04/14

Gyvlon 'Environmental Screed Solutions' have developed a new guaranteed ultra-efficient screed for underfloor heating.

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